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I took my first photograph at the age of 10 back when black and white televisions were the norm and colour was a rare luxury. Even when we did finally get a colour TV I still preferred to watch the old BW box, that's probably where my roots started in black and white photography.


From that early age I always had a camera of some sort right up until the early 90’s, it was then I would take my photography more seriously and learn the more advanced techniques, this also included developing and printing my own prints in a converted attic. This was an exciting time for once I was in full control and not reliant on labs for processing my photographs.


Though I’m still very much a black and white film user the digital age opened up something completely new and in early 2000 I was lucky and turned a hobby into a business, originally taking photographs of property interiors then later product photography. You can see my commercial work here www.andrewweller.co.uk


Growing up by the coast it wouldn’t be a surprise to say I was drawn to the sea and most of my early photographs were seascapes. I also had an interest in rugged  landscapes, peaks and mountain scenes, unfortunately you don’t get many of them in Kent. At the time I thought the best of those types of landscapes could only be found in the far North of the country, 12 or more hours driving wasn’t that appealing, then one year we booked a last minute holiday in the Peak District, that holiday would change my life.


I was hooked from my first visit everything I was looking for in my landscapes was here, though not on my doorstep it was close enough. In the many times I have been back I have 3 favourite locations, Derwent Edge, Kinder Scout and first place I ever visited Stanage Edge, I could spend my whole lifetime going back to these amazing areas and always find something new to photograph.

Hiking across Derwent Edge both images taken by my son Lawrence


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